The Kommis Germany

We came to peace from war. We inevitably had to exchange the monarchy with the republic. The "Vaterländische Unterricht" continues as propaganda for the "German culture". The perseverance slogan has had to give way to the bodybuilding. The war correspondents, as peace correspondents, are no less devastating, as far as they are not busy writing memoirs for any prince. The patriotic circles are feverishly busy trying to stem the consequences of their patriotism. Your capital has fled smoothly abroad, they themselves have been preserved. The worker already has to fight for the "achievement" of the eight-hour day.

For the Republic is after all absolutely no cause. For the majority of Germans, it is just a game of patience. Regimental celebrations alone will not make you happy in the long run. It is indeed so beautiful to hear from high-ranking officers preaching the spirit of well-known camaraderie, and so to speak, to get drunk on it; in the long run it does not satisfy. As true as we have never been for the Republic, for the Monarchy we are.

If you do not believe it, look around you. For some reason, 1918 has failed to command "Get moving!". Episode: all are still tight. It is an absurd fantasy to establish a democracy with such material. If you want it anyway, then grab it vigorously. Let it not you like that in Germany in all situations of life, the sergeant prevails and the "subject" blocks any free prospect for a better future. You just can not find that bearable anymore; maudlin tolerance is out of place. It is now called: either or. Either the bourgeois free human dignity goes completely to the devil and the Prussian Kommisgeist reigns unrestrictedly in Germany, making the whole life a parade ground where militarism keeps its parade. Then one can quietly bring back to the great army of uncrowned rulers and even greater subjects his beloved princes. Or -: they give away this desperate clan of ridicule and take them not as seriously as ever since.

Look at her! How much William in pocket-size, every third inch of God's grace. Such Aufgeblasenheiten can only exist in Germany. Only in a German republic is it possible that the most grotesque joke figures still receive the highest respect. How they are all on top and feel well despite their shouting, all the rulers, the boss's in the bones, with the Schutzmannsgeist and the sergeant. Those who jump over with imagination when they have climbed a ladder, have got hold of some kind of positivity. As they speak swollenly of their "people", swing the customs staff, as if there were provinces to manage. How to "handle" the audience behind counters in fabulous dignity and aloofness. How in the worst manner on "subordinates" is ridden around, where there should long be only coworkers.

Look at it carefully!

In the factories, in the workshops and offices, in the cow-farmers in the country and in ministries, everywhere the same picture. Is it surprising that a republic meets resistance here?

Which proudly highness little department head, which supervisor cock with foremen!

What stupid arrogance in offices, offices and offices!

Expose them for God's sake finally! After all, they are all possible only because the others are playing subjects and standing close where they should banish the Punch and Judy show. Do not have any such pity respect from a threatening office or a generals look down from a swivel chair! There is nothing behind it, as there is nothing behind the splendid monarchy.

The republic must not be ruined by this false respect. She is about to do it. A reactionary, narrow-minded district administrator is still more than a democratic minister today. All of the imaginary greats down to the Schutzmann feel like placeholders of the monarchy.

As far as officials of the Republic are concerned, you should clean thoroughly, but please, without a pension! The others put you in the pillory, where you can. The Kommis-Visage and the stupid subject physiognomy do not belong in a republic.

I'm just afraid it will not be that fast. It is sometimes even with good Republicans an almost too touching understanding of the weaknesses of the other side. So for a while we will be an inhibited monarchy.

Hermann Mauthe