The Nazis

Hitler Putsch November 1923 in Munich

- Yg. 1923, No. 19 -

[...] In a programmatic booklet, the chief typist speaks about "The nature, principles and goals of the National Socialist German Workers' Party" Alfred Rosenberg of the "Völkischer Beobachter". The program itself is very interesting in more ways than one. It demands the right of self-determination and equal rights for the peoples, just like socialists and pacifists - but Hitler preaches domestic and foreign violence and Dr. Dinter appeals to the "sword" with theatrical pose. It requires nationalization of the trusts, communalization of the wholesale department stores - should socialists be fished with it? Is the Demand for Abolition of Labor and Effortless Income a National Socialist Invention? Or those to colonies, after land reform? Death penalty for usurers and shifters, recording of war profits, abolition of the peace treaty, etc. These "demands" blind for a moment the unconsidered mass. Hitler never shows paths to these goals. The whole program is deception and deception to capture the masses for the actual "goals". And these are: plumper Antisemitismus and war of revenge, Mr. Hitler leaves no doubt about that. Anyone who hears him talking in his meetings is not deceived about it. Beat the Jews and the French! This is the gospel of these most limited of all nationalists. And they understand it well, to make mood for it. Unfortunately, both Jews and French are unreachable to the Nazi fists, and as long as the Jewish servants and friends of the French, who call themselves socialists, serve as whipping boys ...


On a Friday morning I came to Munich. I expected, according to the reports given to me, at least on the breast of every second Munich, a stately swastika. I was disappointed. All through the day, I only saw this abused sign twice, both times on the neck of young ladies. In the evening one of the Hitler's mass meetings in the circus Krone instead of. Just two hours before the start, the Hundreds gathered in the Campus Martius. Hitler has about 30 hundreds, of which only a few reach the number one hundred. They are composed for the most part of youthful workers and employees, who enjoy playing the soldier. With a steel helmet on his head or a gray ski cap with black-and-white-red cockade, a red bracelet with a black swastika in the white field, one also seems too interesting. And first of all all the mysterious orders and allusions of the superiors! "Today and tomorrow increased alert!" Who should not breast swell with pride? And when one sits at Hofbräukeller's "Moaß" in the evening and throws it around in front of the ears of the peaceful citizen with the expressions of the great master, who should not become self-conscious? The Bavarian lives from the opposition at any cost [...]

Mr. Hitler is the type of demagogue, like him Mommsen (Roman History, vol. 5, p. 717) aptly portrayed in the person of Apion:

"Before the Emperor Caligula, the deputation of the enemies of the Jews, led by Apion, also appeared to an Alexandrian scholar, the 'Weltschelle', as Emperor Tiberius called it, full of great words and even greater lies, of the most blatant omniscience and the most absolute belief in himself not the people, but knowledgeable of their worthlessness, a celebrated master of speech as well as of popular seduction, quick-witted, witty, outrageous, and absolutely loyal. "

Word for word applies to Hitler. In the first mass event he said as a motto: "I will now hold eight mass events one after another, and if oil continues to be poured into the fire, a miracle would have to happen if it does not explode." He has kept his word. He appeals to the lowest instincts of the masses. His eloquence replaces the missing content with its iridescent form. He will explode it, but it will sweep it away.

But the German citizen sleeps. If it sounds all too loud from Munich, he calls according to the laws for the protection of the Republic, after club and newspaper bans. To expect salvation from such coercive measures testifies to a virtually unique ignorance of basic political and psychological facts. Everything that is forbidden irritates not only the boy, but also the adult. The Socialist Law has only benefited the Socialists. And Herr Hitler acknowledges every superfluous compulsion outwardly with a protestation, but gratefully smiles inside. There is only one remedy against National Socialist spiritlessness: to oppose their positive republican-socialist spirit, who is well able to inspire youth, and who alone ensures the secure development of the whole. If this spirit strengthens in our people, then we need not fear any National Socialist explosions. You then just remain an impotent fireworks short-lived. Large circles of the "republican" population are republican for convenience and laziness. Do not wake up soon, then flourish Mr. Hitler's business; and Mr. Hitler will then wake up with very spirited kicks that sleep today ...


Walter Ostermann