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With other eyes Title of the annual newspaper of the Sunday newspaper 1920-1929

"Newsprint is a transient material. It's generally a good thing, because what's in the paper is not meant for eternity, but for the moment. [...] But some things are worth storing on wood-free paper for a little while longer. "

Thus writes Erich Schairer to the conduct of his 1929 published in Stuttgart first yearbook of the Sunday newspaper, in which he, under the title "With other eyes", looks back on the first ten years of his growing up with the Weimar Republic weekly.

Schairer's journalistic and journalistic work as well as some contributions by his contemporaries and epigones offer a revealing look "into the younger German history" "with different eyes".

I started and published this website around the year 2000. For about twenty years, it remained unchanged in the global network. Currently I have them on the occasion of the upcoming 100. Anniversary year of the founding of the "Sonntags-Zeitung" content expanded and edited in their typographic appearance.

An editorial note:

In the "Sonntags-Zeitung" there were no further pictures besides the woodcut caricatures of Hans Gerner. To illustrate some of the articles presented here, I have also selected and added some post pictures or photos. These pictures have nothing to do with the original publication of the articles and are not included there.

Stuttgart, in March 2019
Andreas Schairer