- Yg. 1924, No. 17 -

Somewhere in Hanover one has recently encountered a very rich source of crude oil.

An event for all of Germany, one could have thought. General joy. Lectures in schools, film screenings, newspaper articles: "A new treasure", "enrichment of national assets" and the like.

But it stayed with a little note under "Latest News," a small article in the commercial section (which the citizen does not read because it is printed in Latin) and - yes, the stock of the drilling company went overnight at ten and several percent in the Height.

After all, some people will have been pleased with the success: the shareholders, the bank directors, and the job seekers "dedicated" to the paper in question.

Shall we treat them to it? Do you deserve what you “deserve”? For the energy with which you carried out the drilling, the sweat that you shed, the blessing you created with it? Dear God, most of the gentlemen may have never seen a derrick except in the Berliner Illustrierte, and since they grew up in “better circumstances” they probably hardly know what oil smells like. You belong to the class of citizens who make their living in the club chair and on the telephone line.

It is true: that this is a tremendous mischief; that these people with "unemployed income" are really pathetic parasites; Peace can never be made between labor and capital as long as the worker has to watch how fat idlers play at the stock market with what he helps to create and build up in sour, poorly rewarded labor. One does not come to me with the talk of the "economic necessity" of job creation, of the "automatic control" of the economy by the stock exchange, of the elite in the struggle for capitalist existence. Sometimes it sounds very learned, but I assure you, it is nonsense. If it were true that all punters were Jews and all Jews punters, then today I would still be anti-Semitic.

The hatred of the working people against the people who live from their work without making a finger is fully justified. The "nationalist" agitators appeal to him. No wonder, if they have success. In addition, the public (and the agitators themselves - often bona fide) are unfortunately too stupid to see through the sleight of hand with which they tend to substitute the terms "Jew" and "Jobber". (The backers, who sit on "stock packages" themselves, of the distraction maneuver of course in the picture.) And so far the mass of course not think that they are the Jewish eater after their positive economic recipe ("break the interest rate bondage" is a Frase, nothing more ) and put it under the critical scrutiny.

They have no feasible constructive idea at all, they do not know a viable way to eliminate the stock swindle and stock market game.

Erzberger has once tried to show such. He called him "Christian solidarism", By chance he is shortly after murdered Service. From Anti-Semites, As tools from - well, probably from people who have stocks. Partly non-Jews, partly - hm, it could be that Jews are also present.

Walther rathenau, the Jew, has also shown such a way in his last writing. her name was "Autonomous economy"; It deals with the abolition of the entrepreneur, with the takeover of enterprises by the workers, with the radical elimination of the entire stock market. The author who wanted to show how one could break the "interest bondage" is - who knows, maybe because of this writing - murdered Service. Of anti-Semites. Of tools. In whose pay? You do not know. Probably - see above.

1924, 17 · Kazenwadel