Call to myself

- Yg. 1924, No. 13 -

Obeying a long felt need, I have decided to start a new party. To be sure that my demands in the Reichstag find correct and emphatic representation, I have set myself up as the top candidate of my Reichs- and all my individual lists. Other candidates will not be added to the list. Candidate is only me. Nobody can become a party member except me. My party should be kept as safe as possible from internal fragmentation. In a meeting of myself held in the great hall of the "Blue Canary Bird" last night, I unanimously decided to issue the following election call: "Citizen, contemporary, comrade and noble tuneful! Only the most stupid calves choose their butcher himself. That's why YOU choose YOU! Election day is payday! The religion must be preserved for the people. Down with the big capitalist, in the clutches of the Jesuits, Jews, Ultramontanen and Völkisch groaning Masonic Marxism! Down with the reaction! High Stinnes! Vote for noble humanity! Against the ten pfennigtaxe in the rotundas! Versus Shimmy! Against the crease! Against the rabies of the dogs! She is anti-people. What benefits does the new moon bring? Vote against it, against the moon at all! Vote for stars! The future belongs to the black and white red Soviet star with a swastika inlaid. He alone brings salvation! That's why vote for Mara Bu! "

The effect of the call was promising. My frenetic applause rewarded me. On leaving the assembly hall, it turned out that I had stretched out the horses, that is, cranked out the engine. Enthusiastically, I pushed myself to my apartment. Deep emotion elicited a thank-you speech to myself.

Last announcement. The party Mara Bu has, according to leaflets, split into a right and a left wing. The right is for, the left against the eradication of aphids. Agreement negotiations are under way. One expects the completion of a block.

1924, 13 Mara Bu

The "progress" is a carousel; but it drives so beautifully.

With the "free path to the efficient", there are already car classes again.

1922, 39 Mauthe