At the age of 78, my uncle Abraham Gumbel, known to the readers of this newspaper as "Emel", went gently into Heilbronn to the country from which there is no return. He was born in the village of Stein am Kocher, where our ancestors had been based for over 200 years, buried in Heilbronn. With him, one of the few independently thinking, free people who our supposed "land of poets and thinkers" has to show died. >> read more

The Hohenzollern, who are known to be in very bad shape, are in litigation to extract an annual pension from 1 1 / 2 million from the German Republic. They believe that they have a legitimate claim that the people they have ridden into the ink are tampering with it. So that they can live according to their standard. "In accordance with the standards", ie, as it suits them, but above all without having to bring in the daily bread by the degrading means of labor. >> read more

On the 19. September 1902 had Wilhelm II build a memorial on the Grimnitzer Heide, which announced that he is here the 200. Hirsch "brought to the track". In the year 1900, in the strikes of the tram workers in Berlin, Wilhelm II sent a message to the command of the Guard Corps, which read: "I expect that at least 300 people are brought down when the troops intervene." >> read more

The disastrous forces that have plunged Germany into ruin for ten years have continued to rumble. It seems as if the masses of this people have not learned the least from the bloody and tragic teachings of his past. Above all, not the class that once prided itself on representing "education and possessions". Not the slightest realization has dawned on her that nothing else is to blame for the misfortune of Germany than the unlimited cult of violence, the fanaticism of the power politics. >> read more

An unfulfilled profession Walther Rathenaus: "We stand at the grave of the big capitalist epoch. High capitalism is over, not capital. This will all survive for a long time, whether as state or personal capital. But high capitalism as a world movement - though it has not yet reached its highest peak in the West - is a deceased colossus. We can give him his eulogy ... " >> read more

During the past few months, a number of car drivers who were responsible for traffic accidents have been sentenced to hard prison sentences. And maybe some newspaper readers wondered about it or secretly even regretted the convicts, depending on their attitude. But wrongly. Because what this is about is just the German form of a fight ... >> read more

The German Reichstag is on the 21. March had come together with an unfamiliar ceremony: to bury himself. The story is rich in irony. But a parliament that turns itself off in this way, a parliamentary sanctioned dictatorship as the current German: this is really not a commonplace event. >> read more

The victory of the swastika in Germany at the 5. March is the victory of an unprecedented skillful propaganda campaign. If now, as one hears, a special propaganda ministry should be created for one of the chief investigators of the National Socialist election campaign, Herr Goebbels, that would be a clear proof of the significance which the government itself attaches to a virtuoso instrument , >> read more

When these lines go to press, the "national revolution" has followed the election result of the 5. March similarly enforced as the revolt 1918 after the military defeat. At that time, no hand in Germany raised to defend the Empire. This time, too, it went the same way. The bearers of the Republic of Weimar have recognized that this epoch is over. >> read more

Does it only seem that way to me, or does the new German Chancellor really have this striking resemblance to Wilhelm II of Hohenzollern? ... Whoever opposed him, he wanted to crush him (eg the evil Social Democrats); he intended to lead his people to glorious times; he was the peace emperor and then slipped into a war. (And he lost the war.) >> read more