An unfulfilled profession Walther Rathenaus: "We stand at the grave of the big capitalist epoch. High capitalism is over, not capital. This will all survive for a long time, whether as state or personal capital. But high capitalism as a world movement - though it has not yet reached its highest peak in the West - is a deceased colossus. We can give him his eulogy ... " >> read more

The socialist economy, it is said, will produce for the needs, not for the market. It will proceed according to schedule and evenly, not chaotically and jerkily. Not just any individual, neither as an entrepreneur nor as a trader nor as a customer, will have the word in it ... >> read more

The poor German people have been dragged into an unfortunate war by the narrow-mindedness and frivolity of a government that was alien and incomprehensible to its experience and suffering. >> read more

this is no small matter, as you suppose, but a matter that concerns the whole German people, as long as it does not walk or walk barefoot. A matter of the widest national importance. Incomprehensible that the public has not taken care of it so far. >> read more