But the “German” philistine, shattered by revolution, democracy and fate, gathers mourning around the grave of a deceased militarism and plants the flowers of his Pan-German hopes with loving hands into the laughing spring. >> read more

"Since I can no longer unite with my personal conviction, after my soon-to-be resignation from the local Amtsverwesung to take the time I recklessly accepted obligation for the service to the Evangelical Church of Württemberg, I ask that Consistory, to want to dismiss [...] me from this service. >> read more

In the Tübingen Protestant theological seminary, the "Stift", the students of theology were once asked the task of answering a semester examination (I believe spring 1907): "How far is anthropomorphism justified in the conception of God?" (Anthropomorphism means: imagination God in human form). >> read more

"We have been hopelessly and shamelessly lied to and cheated on by our newspapers." That was the verdict of very calm and very considerate men into the most conservative circles when they had the opportunity to look at the damage to their good faith - 1918 in the fall. >> read more

When I came to college in the fall of 1906, I joined a color-bearing beating bond and soon became one of her most enthusiastic members. Not blindly enthusiastic: I soon saw some shortcomings ... >> read more

In Germany, the bureaucracy is scolded with inner satisfaction. And rightly so. Because there is nothing that can make the little trivialities so bilious and disgusting as the office room muff. >> read more

Draft of a commitment to the public sector, written by a non-Marxist for a Marxist before the Görlitz Party Congress of the SPD 1921 ... >> read more

To the Bureau of the Reich President. Oberdadaistisches Zentralamt, Schöneberg (City Park), Steinacherstraße 2, Fernspr. Stephan 1375, Strictly confidential!
>> read more

Christmas and New Year are among the dates on which also the press, above all, of course, the provincial press, which is fed by the editorial office of the correspondent's office, occasionally talks in the pulpit. >> read more