In an address to representatives of the upgrading organizations, Mr. von Hindenburg said, among other things: “By and large, I am far from this question ... I have lost my fortune myself. If I hadn't had my pension, which was sufficient, I would have had to go hungry too. " >> read more

We are currently celebrating a bit of festivities again, even though we are "thoroughly impoverished". It is a very lively club life to note. The whole people sometimes seem to have dissolved in clubs. >> read more

Herr von Hindenburg, who has hitherto received and made visits only, has become active: he rules. He has made his first official act: he has repealed the ordinance, which had curtailed the former officers of William the right to wear the uniform. >> read more

When German capitalists come together with French and English to find new ways of earning money, that is in the interest of the "fatherland." - When German pacifists go to France to make threads of understanding using their entire personality, that is national dignity. >> read more

The agreement with France expressly renouncing Alsace-Lorraine, which is now under the presidency of Hindenburg by a German national government, would have been a few years earlier at the top of our foreign policy program. >> read more

The word pacifism has nowhere a worse sound than in Germany. Clever claims that it came from the one-sidedness of the German pacifists. Oh no; the aversion lies in the German mentality of the Wilhelminian era. >> read more

Remembrance days are milestones on the long road to forgetfulness and thoughtlessness. Today is another one; and there is no doubt that it will be "worthy" and in a certain sense "uplifting". Because the more we move away from the “big event”, the sooner the patriotic rhetoric has the prospect of defeating memory. >> read more

Hello, do we see you again? How are you? What's up? Are you doing business? ... The current situation, you mean. Well, politically, but otherwise ... you understand me. Of course, he hardly gets by ... Waiter, the wine list! ... >> read more

“We”, to whom these lines apply, is a very substantial part of the educated German middle class. When on the anniversary of the German revolution we asked what happened to the “revolutionary achievements”, the answer could only be: nothing. >> read more

If my uncle used to warn me against the Social Democrats, he used to say that they were stupid people who wanted to share everything and did not think that after ten or twenty years, there would be rich and poor again, because it would be lazy and Hardworking give. >> read more