Of course, this "free press" and especially its editor Heinrich Wandt were a thorn in the side of the justice of our "republic", less - and this is only a matter of course - because of the scandalous article than because of the political direction. One was terribly keen to take the man at the first opportunity on the winding. >> read more

A spectacle for gods: the evangelical people complains about their church taxes. In the past, when this godless separation of church and state was not yet enshrined in the constitution, it cost almost nothing to be a Protestant Christian. >> read more

A young, moderately fed ox said, "We should use violence against slaughter. If we run together against the fence, then we will win the freedom. The land here belongs to us anyway and not to humans. Our forefathers grazed here as free buffaloes and nourished themselves on the tasty grass of the steppe. " >> read more

At bourgeois Stammtisch I spit but when the name falls; One considers his carrier a scoundrel, a common man, a traitor. His killer enjoys the freedom and the best reputation, probably even has a good conscience ... >> read more