In Hannover, students intentionally, consciously and systematically behave like rascals, tempting Professor Theodor Lessing, disrupting his lectures, skipping their own lessons, holding meetings, not learning their lessons, making demonstration rides, singing phrases in the world in which they have not thought anything and others can not think anything. The steel helmet feeds her ... >> read more

The most dangerous moment of the domestic political situation in Germany lies probably in the fact that we have a republic, but no or far too few republican citizens. We have a form but no content; a barrel, but no wine. >> read more

At this point, however great my inclination may be, I can not remit the preliminary remark that in my whole original arrangement I am in a strictly affirmative relation to the national. It is almost impossible for me to think of being transplanted abroad. >> read more

No political slogan has to accept gross misunderstandings and stupid interpretations than the old democratic demand-or assertion-of the equality of all citizens. >> read more

The idea of ​​conscientious objection has gained a firm foothold in the German peace movement. This was also proven by the pacifist congress held in Heidelberg in October. >> read more

As an opposition paper, the Sonntags-Zeitung was founded and has been run so far, and it also intends to persist in it. In short, it opposes the prevailing trend in the entire public life of the Fatherland, in the press, politics, economics and so-called "culture", which is usually understood by slogans such as nationalism, capitalism, clericalism and the like. >> read more

To my shame I must confess that during the war I had long believed in the official legend of its outbreak: Germany had been attacked by its enemies. Because I just could not imagine that such a "circled" country provoked Handel with his Umliegern. >> read more

The consolidation of Europe in some form has become a necessity today. I believe that one can set up this thesis without finding the contradiction of a thinkable person. >> read more

The new era also wants the old god of war Mars collar. And not wrong. For as long as he wore spears and shields, he was a noble, knightly fighter. But since he has a gas mask on and digs himself into the ground, he has dug himself his grave. >> read more

Karl Hau is dead. God's mills grind slowly; but those of bourgeois justice surely grind. In the year 1907 he was denied his life: but those who are said live long; he was pardoned and endured for 17 years in the penitentiary. >> read more