Dear friend, you are still a member of the SPD, despite some reservations, true to the slogan of your leaders, a few weeks ago you elected Marshal “Forward”, Mr. von Hindenburg, because he was the last, the only one to protect you against fascism has been - and now of course you are very disappointed If the situation weren't so dire, I'd say: serves you right. >> read more

A major role among the many inferiority and other complexes upon which the Volkish world view is built is concern about the stabilization of male sexual domination. The Christian German marriage is urgently close to the heart of the National Socialists, for in it the man has the book in his hand in every respect. >> read more

In autumn 1917 Krause was with a reserve regiment on the western front and was waiting longingly but with some certainty for an early vacation, because he had signed, albeit with a heavy heart, two hundred marks war loan, the well-known “bulletproof paper”. >> read more

Goethe, who may well be counted among the "godless", was a bitter hatred of the bells. He called it an "unbearable child"; he speaks in Faust of the "damned ringing", of the "damned Bim-Bam-Bimmel". >> read more