The carnival time is in the suit, In Cologne, in Munich, but also elsewhere begin to beat conscience again. Can you do that? , , ? At a time when. , , ? Balls, Redouten, Flirt and Suff - besides unemployment, suicide and hunger edema? >> read more

Somewhere in Hanover one has recently encountered a very rich source of crude oil. An event for all of Germany, one could have thought. General joy. Lectures in schools, film screenings, newspaper articles: "A new treasure", "enrichment of national assets" and the like ... >> read more

Fritz Lang, the director of the "Metropolis" film and other equally monumental and kitschy celluloid strips, discovers a young actress, Miss Dyers. He is contractually committed to six years and ensures her a year-to-year rising salary ... >> read more

Draft of a commitment to the public sector, written by a non-Marxist for a Marxist before the Görlitz Party Congress of the SPD 1921 ... >> read more

Guy "(plural: Guys), said my grandfather - for he thought feudal and spoke feudalistically -" Guy, he must ". The tone was coarse and good-natured, and was occasionally accompanied by a warm costume parade. >> read more

A spectacle for gods: the evangelical people complains about their church taxes. In the past, when this godless separation of church and state was not yet enshrined in the constitution, it cost almost nothing to be a Protestant Christian. >> read more

... the churches are not on the side of the weary and laden: they are not people's, but princely churches. That's why they did not protest when the old people, the wards and the small savers were expropriated by inflation. >> read more