Many have a finely pointed, striking, igniting aforism behind their foreheads. On the way to the tongue becomes a cumbersome and boring essay out of it. He writes it down - and there is a thick tome, flat, shallow, from front to back only watery broth. >> read more

The Werkbundsiedlung on the Weissenhof near Stuttgart is the horror of all those who reject something, because it is different than they are used to. Houses without a roof! Walls without wallpaper! Furniture without ornaments! No, the brave citizen does not eat that. >> read more

Christmas and New Year are among the dates on which also the press, above all, of course, the provincial press, which is fed by the editorial office of the correspondent's office, occasionally talks in the pulpit. >> read more

Humor is when you laugh anyway, says Wilhelm Busch. This most mature form of world-view is based on mild resignation, skepticism, and profound insight into the inadequacy and questionableness of all that is human, that is, superior wisdom. >> read more

It has become autumn. The year is coming to an end. You start to look back again. A beginning that in any case becomes more attractive when comparing the events with those predicted for this year. >> read more

Bowling has always been a national German affair. But while it used to be recklessly treated simply as a pleasure for the Saturday night or Sunday afternoon, today it is "physical exercise," publicly recognized "sport," and thank goodness is well organized. >> read more

Do you spit? - Why your great-grandfather? I think he's long dead? - Oh, you are a spiritualist! No, I do not mean that, but the other, with ck. The right spit, you know. Like a llama or a mason, in short, you see ... >> read more

this is no small matter, as you suppose, but a matter that concerns the whole German people, as long as it does not walk or walk barefoot. A matter of the widest national importance. Incomprehensible that the public has not taken care of it so far. >> read more