Mr. Hitler is preparing for the accession. He preaches patience once more to his impatient hosts; the due pogroms have to be postponed again a little bit. At the Kaiserhof Hotel in Berlin he received the representatives of the English and American press and assured them that the Nazis were not as bad as they are. >> read more

The election victory of the German fascists made the Austrian dark men around Seipel bolder again. Schober disappears, and the clergyman returns himself to the scene, supported by the Home Guard Prince Starhemberg. Seipel advises his brother in Christ, the “cold” fascist Brüning, to include the Nazis in the government coalition with him at the same time. >> read more

So I come to the sad conclusion that the republic, wrapped in fog, may disappear tomorrow, and that state power has been withdrawn from the people. The only question that interests me as a puny lay lawyer is whether the state power is stolen, for example. >> read more

It is tragic that today one has to preach to the proletariat what a bourgeois politician said about 25 years ago, that is, at a time when there was no fascism, and under a system that compared to today is almost "parliamentary" “Could call. In a certain sense one can speak of a "dialectical" tragedy. Thesis: The entire situation imperatively requires proletarian unification. Antithesis: This agreement is impossible for the moment. >> read more

Dear friend, you are still a member of the SPD, despite some reservations, true to the slogan of your leaders, a few weeks ago you elected Marshal “Forward”, Mr. von Hindenburg, because he was the last, the only one to protect you against fascism has been - and now of course you are very disappointed If the situation weren't so dire, I'd say: serves you right. >> read more

Take the available amount of social-democratic longing for government and mix it up profusely with the power of German people's party and great industrial power (with a dose of cunning clever use as a binder), pour a few drops of democratic oil over it, and leave it overnight. >> read more

Hitler. Here they believe to find satisfaction first and foremost for their private wishes. In terms of numbers, what does the appendix of Hugenberg, Seldtes or even Papen mean to the Brown Army of the Duce? The attraction of the largest block will prove itself once again. Who has, is given. >> read more

When I think of the strong man, I always have his beard in front of me. It is not a beard, powerfully shot in the impetuous urge to become a martial mustache - no, it is a fly that has settled on an upper lip after an uncertain journey. On the upper lip of the expectant dictator. >> read more

There is one good thing about the great economic crisis in which we find ourselves: it broadcasts visual instruction on the capitalist system, under whose rule people can starve to death in addition to full chafing. >> read more

It is a pity with the sinking bourgeoisie. Many ladies can no longer afford a maid, have to lend a hand everywhere. The whole life is absorbed in the struggle for the preservation of life; all higher interests are behind the worries about trifles. It is awful! >> read more