The millions of unemployed, yesterday still on the verge of desperation, can go to bed more cheerfully: the government has formed a large committee that is supposed to brood over the problem of unemployment, and women from Berlin society have arranged a wonderfully organized "winter aid". >> read more

In Simplicissimus recently there was the biting anecdote about the privy councilor who, when asked, claims that he is doing badly. "But why bad, Herr Privy Councilor?" Asks the other, and the angry answer is: "For fundamental considerations, my dear." >> read more

I do not know what people always have to complain about the bad times, that's all exaggerated, know, they're just not satisfied with anything, for example, I know a certain family, that comes out very well, they live on the subsistence level and can put all the revenues that go beyond that on the high edge. Let me show you your exemplary budget. >> read more

According to the nationalist ideology, the “home” of the people consists of platitudes in which the members of the patriotic associations can romp about. Anyone who does not participate belongs to the uprooted masses and is essentially un-German. >> read more

The ID card came into the house. Number so and so. Polling station here and there. What do you do? Stay home? But they will come then in the afternoon, the tugs, and radiate mellow fury. Actually, really. After all, you're a citizen, are not you? >> read more

The film industry uses the election campaign to exempt film from the amusement tax: it shows several hundred thousand voters every day in the cinemas: "Before you vote, ask the party: Are films tax-free?" >> read more

If I go with a burning pipe over the hayloft of my own scouring, some embers fall out, the scouring burns off, - what do you think, what happens to me, although perhaps not even someone else has come to harm except myself?

If, as an employee of Meier, I give fifty marks to a poor traveler who takes me out of the fund entrusted to me-the amount the boss takes out every night to make him jubilant-do you think they will let me do that? >> read more

The referendum initiated by the Communist Party, which wanted to ban the construction of warships, has failed. Only about two million votes have been cast, half the number that would have been necessary to bring the proposed law before the Reichstag and a possible later referendum. >> read more

A major role among the many inferiority and other complexes upon which the Volkish world view is built is concern about the stabilization of male sexual domination. The Christian German marriage is urgently close to the heart of the National Socialists, for in it the man has the book in his hand in every respect. >> read more

In Hannover, students intentionally, consciously and systematically behave like rascals, tempting Professor Theodor Lessing, disrupting his lectures, skipping their own lessons, holding meetings, not learning their lessons, making demonstration rides, singing phrases in the world in which they have not thought anything and others can not think anything. The steel helmet feeds her ... >> read more