I've always said it (but does anyone listen to an old man?). And now the time has come: Germany is in a state of awakening. Experience not to be said! >> read more

"Professor Pötzl in Vienna has managed to put people into artificial hibernation." (Newspaper report)

"Alma," I said to my wife, "how about you knock that new gown out of your mind? We get away a lot cheaper if we let ourselves be plodded. - "And if in the meantime the Third Reich breaks out?" >> read more

The stateless painter Hitler is still tormented by the nimbus that he once acquired so pettily in an excited time. A year ago he felt compelled to make something of a memory, but a book is not a wheel assembly, and you can tell even from the broadest phrases on how bad feet they limp along. >> read more

The "Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung" recently pointed out the downright suicidal blindness with which the republic ignored the inevitable needs of the German people for fanfare and clinker of orders. >> read more

The most dangerous moment of the domestic political situation in Germany lies probably in the fact that we have a republic, but no or far too few republican citizens. We have a form but no content; a barrel, but no wine. >> read more

In autumn 1917 Krause was with a reserve regiment on the western front and was waiting longingly but with some certainty for an early vacation, because he had signed, albeit with a heavy heart, two hundred marks war loan, the well-known “bulletproof paper”. >> read more

If the coupon scissors are in the New Testament? If homeland poets live on homelessness? When the impotence rises to the moral judge? If you have sun in your heart and no light in the room? >> read more

Father (takes the newspaper in his hand): “This Saukorps, the Polackes, a cheeky gang, well, they'll be lit up once in a while, oh, Pestalozzi, they've celebrated enough now, I don't know, that is now just a fashion, before you didn't know anything about him and we got through school anyway ... >> read more

For a few days, the “Little Theater” in Heilbronn, as a meaningful change and “harbinger of the coming Christmas”, as the announcement says so beautifully and piously, let the birth, life and suffering of the Savior crank up. It has its own charm ... >> read more

At this point, however great my inclination may be, I can not remit the preliminary remark that in my whole original arrangement I am in a strictly affirmative relation to the national. It is almost impossible for me to think of being transplanted abroad. >> read more