Money of course. And for what? To explain this can not be done without a small historical digression. Napoleon I took away his sovereignty from a number of German princes. For this, in the year 1815, she compensated the King of Prussia by lending them a kind of half-sovereignty, the "sovereignty of the nobility". >> read more

No political slogan has to accept gross misunderstandings and stupid interpretations than the old democratic demand-or assertion-of the equality of all citizens. >> read more

Not only do hairdressers learn their craft from the poor man, but also lawyers. Just listen to the small and smallest "cases" for a few days in our courtrooms (which almost all of them belong to the gradually frightening flood of property crimes), and you will not only be amazed at the arrogant unworldliness of young public prosecutors ... >> read more

The socialist economy, it is said, will produce for the needs, not for the market. It will proceed according to schedule and evenly, not chaotically and jerkily. Not just any individual, neither as an entrepreneur nor as a trader nor as a customer, will have the word in it ... >> read more

So, so: once again a memorandum is being worked out in the Reich Ministry of the Interior. About the "reasons for the decline in the birth rate". Very interesting. Yes, what are the reasons? >> read more

In an address to representatives of the upgrading organizations, Mr. von Hindenburg said, among other things: “By and large, I am far from this question ... I have lost my fortune myself. If I hadn't had my pension, which was sufficient, I would have had to go hungry too. " >> read more

We are currently celebrating a bit of festivities again, even though we are "thoroughly impoverished". It is a very lively club life to note. The whole people sometimes seem to have dissolved in clubs. >> read more

Herr von Hindenburg, who has hitherto received and made visits only, has become active: he rules. He has made his first official act: he has repealed the ordinance, which had curtailed the former officers of William the right to wear the uniform. >> read more

When German capitalists come together with French and English to find new ways of earning money, that is in the interest of the "fatherland." - When German pacifists go to France to make threads of understanding using their entire personality, that is national dignity. >> read more

The great politics of all countries revolves more and more clearly around the center of the defense issue. The right-wing parties, who are absolute supporters of military service, have long recognized this. The left parties have either not recognized it yet, or they have shied away from raising the issue ... >> read more