The idea of ​​conscientious objection has gained a firm foothold in the German peace movement. This was also proven by the pacifist congress held in Heidelberg in October. >> read more

The agreement with France expressly renouncing Alsace-Lorraine, which is now under the presidency of Hindenburg by a German national government, would have been a few years earlier at the top of our foreign policy program. >> read more

The word pacifism has nowhere a worse sound than in Germany. Clever claims that it came from the one-sidedness of the German pacifists. Oh no; the aversion lies in the German mentality of the Wilhelminian era. >> read more

On June 9, an obelisk was unveiled near Kiel, one side of which bears the inscription: “The day will come when law will triumph over power!”, While another read: “In the World War from 1914 to In 1918 there remained 5132 heroes and 199 submarines ”. Heroes - can you say something about that? >> read more

Remembrance days are milestones on the long road to forgetfulness and thoughtlessness. Today is another one; and there is no doubt that it will be "worthy" and in a certain sense "uplifting". Because the more we move away from the “big event”, the sooner the patriotic rhetoric has the prospect of defeating memory. >> read more

Hello, do we see you again? How are you? What's up? Are you doing business? ... The current situation, you mean. Well, politically, but otherwise ... you understand me. Of course, he hardly gets by ... Waiter, the wine list! ... >> read more

Well, that's pretty good! The Republic is always drawing more circles. The idea of ​​the people's state is on the whole in the victory. There are increasing cases where republican decrees go out without monarchist regulations. Recently, even in Geheimratsvorzimmern the purchase of more republican service stamp ... >> read more

The more untenable the conditions become with us in Germany, the more the warning sounds: the government should. It is always the same. The own initiative one wants replaced by an order. When the need is greatest, one confers faithfully according to the old habit of those who are there, who will fix and put things right. >> read more

“We”, to whom these lines apply, is a very substantial part of the educated German middle class. When on the anniversary of the German revolution we asked what happened to the “revolutionary achievements”, the answer could only be: nothing. >> read more

The compromiser dominates the situation today. Wrr have the time of half measures. It is true that there is some radicalism about the public, but on closer inspection it is not so bad; it is usually only a radicalism of words. >> read more