We went from war to peace. Inevitably we had to swap the monarchy for the republic. The "Fatherland lessons" are continued as propaganda for "German culture". The perseverance slogan had to give way to the build-up crowd. >> read more

The poor German people have been dragged into an unfortunate war by the narrow-mindedness and frivolity of a government that was alien and incomprehensible to its experience and suffering. >> read more

Beat the Jews and the French! This is the gospel of these most limited of all nationalists. And they understand it well, to make mood for it. >> read more

But the “German” philistine, shattered by revolution, democracy and fate, gathers mourning around the grave of a deceased militarism and plants the flowers of his Pan-German hopes with loving hands into the laughing spring. >> read more

It is quite right that general conscription is an old democratic idea, even though in Wilhelmine Germany it may have been so greatly disfigured by officer privilege and military drift. Go to Switzerland, which owes its existence to you ... >> read more

"Since I can no longer unite with my personal conviction, after my soon-to-be resignation from the local Amtsverwesung to take the time I recklessly accepted obligation for the service to the Evangelical Church of Württemberg, I ask that Consistory, to want to dismiss [...] me from this service. >> read more

Goethe, who may well be counted among the "godless", was a bitter hatred of the bells. He called it an "unbearable child"; he speaks in Faust of the "damned ringing", of the "damned Bim-Bam-Bimmel". >> read more

In the Tübingen Protestant theological seminary, the "Stift", the students of theology were once asked the task of answering a semester examination (I believe spring 1907): "How far is anthropomorphism justified in the conception of God?" (Anthropomorphism means: imagination God in human form). >> read more

If my uncle used to warn me against the Social Democrats, he used to say that they were stupid people who wanted to share everything and did not think that after ten or twenty years, there would be rich and poor again, because it would be lazy and Hardworking give. >> read more