More and more often the heretical idea that man is not the crown of creation, but a faulty construction, destined to decline like the dinosaurs of the Jurassic period, because he is incapable, let's just say it out: because he is too stupid ... >> read more

11.5.2012, by Achim Wörner. Martin Hohnecker has shaped the StZ, where he remained loyal to 2004 even after his retirement, in more than four decades like no other editor. He was a language virtuoso, an excellent writer, a favorite among readers, an innovative, creative spirit ... >> read more

Schairer had already learned of the divestment intentions of 1950, and when the 1952 issue became acute, he convinced Eberle that the Stuttgarter Zeitung was to use 200.000 DM to acquire the archive from its surpluses ... >> read more