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... a pronounced script with the advantages and disadvantages of such. If we read it again today, many things seem outdated. However, one can not say that of the basic thesis from which he started: "Christianity is preached, but it does not live". >> read more

On the 2. October 1946 appeared in the feature section of the Stuttgarter Zeitung for the first time the heading "Five minutes German". I wanted to use it, if only in the form of a sigh of shock (because the paper was precious), to write the annoyance about the bad German of the contemporaries of the soul, which I suffered professionally on a daily basis. There was really no lack of material for this small language corner ... >> read more

Advertising, as Lassalle has already preached, is primarily to blame for the inferiority of our newspapers. How can a newspaper serve the public interest, which at the same time over the advertisement part is available to every solvent private interest? Even the socialist and communist press believe that without this impure combination, they can not exist. She could, if she dared, restrict herself in space or time and allow herself to be paid by the readers rather than by the shopkeepers. >> read more