There are good reasons to deal with this “mythical animal of our time” (J. Daniel Chamier). First, his peculiar personality forms a fascinating puzzle in itself. Then Wilhelm II ruled over the most powerful and dynamic state in Europe, for thirty years ... >> read more

by Max Barth. At first 1924 made Dr. Schairer suggested to me to come to Heilbronn ... So I was 1924 from the spring of 1932 until the end of July at the "Sonntags-Zeitung", temporarily as an editorial member, in the meantime as a regular external employee. >> read more

The 1918 workers 'and workers' revolution was a historic opportunity - for creating a democratic Germany that would have been stronger than the Weimar Republic. In a few days they will achieve what Social Democracy has failed to achieve in decades: to overthrow the surviving, authoritarian order of the Empire. It is the tragedy of the revolution that their own leaders feared ... >> read more

from 1914 to 1936. The dates are linked to the external pages of the Living Museum Online (LeMO). The Living Museum Online offers science-based information as well as a large collection of text and image sources on European history from 1815 to the present. >> read more

The Weimar Republic refers to the section of German history from 1918 to 1933, in which for the first time a parliamentary democracy existed in Germany. This era began with the proclamation of the republic on 9. November 1918 and ended with the Nazi seizure of power as a result of the appointment Adolf Hitler Chancellor on the 30. January 1933. >> read more

... a pronounced script with the advantages and disadvantages of such. If we read it again today, many things seem outdated. However, one can not say that of the basic thesis from which he started: "Christianity is preached, but it does not live". >> read more

“Newsprint is a transitory substance. It is generally a good thing, because what is in the newspaper is not intended for eternity, but for the moment. [...] But some of it is worth keeping a little longer on wood-free paper. " >> read more