by Daniel Furth. He struggled with numbers - and risked his life in the process. In 1922 the mathematician Emil Julius Gumbel investigated hundreds of political murders in the young Weimar Republic and relentlessly revealed the arbitrariness of the German judiciary. Then his career in Germany came to an abrupt end. >> read more

Advertising, as Lassalle has already preached, is primarily to blame for the inferiority of our newspapers. How can a newspaper serve the public interest, which at the same time over the advertisement part is available to every solvent private interest? Even the socialist and communist press believe that without this impure combination, they can not exist. She could, if she dared, restrict herself in space or time and allow herself to be paid by the readers rather than by the shopkeepers. >> read more

DER SPIEGEL 33/1981. Under the title "Four Years of Political Murder", "Das Wunderhorn" has made a revelatory research published in 1922 accessible again which, as Arnold Zweig wrote in the "Weltbühne", "shines into the blood cellar of the German reaction" ... >> read more