The cake recipe

- Yg. 1928, No. 23 -

Take the available amount of social-democratic longing for government and mix it up profusely with the power of German people's party and great industrial power (with a dose of cunning clever use as a binder), pour a few drops of democratic oil over it, and leave it overnight.

The next morning you mix a lot of cultural retrogressiveness and denominational power striving (both are supplied by the center) with some Sunday cultural liberalism (only real in packages with the inscriptions Bäumer or Stresemann) and the smallest possible dose of social democratic free spirit, also give some ability to Compromise (pay attention to the trademark Sollmann!) And some Democratic unity state cravings and thoroughly mix everything with the dough from last night, while continuing to Zollschutzanhänglichkeit, industrial imperialism, Trust policy, carefully mixed with League of Nations and Warächtungsgerede and social democratic sense of responsibility and sense of Tactics, pour over it. If the dough does not rise, some ink from the Reich President's office is recommended as a shoot. The addition of a quantity of anti-labor arbitration makes the cake (especially to the taste of better gentlemen) more digestible.

After leaving the dough for a few more hours, place it in a moderately warm oven for 20, then garnish with whipped cream made from phrases such as community, extraction of workers for the state, education of the Social Democrats, responsible co-operation and others and serves the cake of the Grand Coalition to the grateful people.

Postscript: The cake has the advantage that it will not stale. It lasts at least two years for all meals of a frugal sixty million people.

1928, 23 · Hans Lutz