The presentation command

Mufti is at the outbreak of a war
affected by an official form,
that tells him harshly that they want to hope
to achieve the planned victory

he'll become him too
equal to many predetermined heroes
Report tomorrow in the X barracks
for the purpose of receiving a pay book and a rifle.

Mufti writes to the writer of this letter:
"No, sir, I can not be comfortable
to participate in planned wars,
because an adversary is such a hero.

Even if I, like you, would be involved
on the eventual net profit,
what I am not, as you know,
would it be an undesirable burden to me

Do not believe, sir, that I am faltering:
True, your order honors me, but thank you.
If I serve in your company,
I would definitely be ashamed of myself. "

"This man," says the addressee
astonished, turned to the orderly,
"Truly does not appreciate the heroic death
for the learned fatherland

this man, he seems to me, in fact,
Schulze, shudder: no patriot! "
Schulze pops his heels - click! - together '.
"Unheard, Colonel!" He says firmly.

1928, 48 Mufti Bufti