The tame Adolf

- Yg. 1927, No. 20 -

The stateless painter Hitler is still tormented by the nimbus that he once acquired so pettily in an excited time. A year ago he felt compelled to make something of a memory, but a book is not a wheel assembly, and you can tell even from the broadest phrases on how bad feet they limp along. At the moment, new life is blossoming from the National Socialist ruins. Herr Hitler talks and talks wherever he is allowed to. Recently he also talked in Stuttgart. Two and a half hours. Oh, that was a mess! How the man got his reputation, I would like to know! He had sent for the necessary decoration picturesque groups from all over Württemberg Ländle, even from Bavaria and Baden, they had come up with their playful swastika flags. Was a murder slap. It is so little, what children happy! As the great Adolf mounted the podium, the whole corona broke out in a howl that honored its Aryan ancestry. So that's what a Mussolinopia looks like! A barber, lost in politics, stood up there, struggling to make connections as visible as possible. God, what must the man have read together, until this semmelblonde porridge has surrendered! Surely he has deeply, deeply knelt down in all achievable problems, has lost himself in biology, has rolled volumes to volumes; One must be crazy. One thing was to be noted: the man is not unteachable; but it takes a while to get behind something. Today he has begun to realize that there is very little to do with violence and terror; if half of the people consist of incorrigible Marxists and such brothers, and the other of lousy nationalists, even Hitler's Aryan man-heart falls into the Buxen. Then even the rabid Adolf becomes tame as a German Democrat. Because it can not be done, he has the optimism that every broke movement planted on the grave just before its blessed end. Needless to say, here, according to the glorious past, it is a boastful optimism. For our Hitler believes that the National Socialist movement will double from year to year. In about 10 years, we will be a united nation of Nazi soci. A nice dream! If this doubling does not happen in each case by splitting. That's what happens sometimes.

1927, 20 hm