The severance pay

- 5. Jg. 1924, No. 39 -

The Hohenzollern, who are known to be in very bad shape, are in litigation to extract an annual pension from 1 1 / 2 million from the German Republic. They believe that they have a legitimate claim that the people they have ridden into the ink are tampering with it. So that they can live according to their standard. "In accordance with the standards", ie, as it suits them, but above all without having to bring in the daily bread by the degrading means of labor.

1 1/2 million is perhaps not very much for the large family (God's blessing always came from the Hohenzollern family - at least in terms of fertility). (As they are used to doing.) After all, such an income is a few degrees above the subsistence level. You can get by with a lot less if you have to. There z. For example, only recently Berlin granted the impoverished daughter of the great surgeon Virchow, who was an honorary citizen of the city, a revocable monthly pension of 225 gold marks. Well, Virchow only worked for the preservation of human life; this activity is less popular than the other: driving millions of people to their deaths. So it is right and proper if the Hohenzollern, who are all in all about fifty people, get a few hundred times more.

I hope, it must be said, that this republic does not fall into the idea of ​​simply forfeiting the property of the "rulers" who passed away, according to the principle of Bismarckish-Hohenzollern, which was applied by Prussia when the Kingdom of Hanover was annexed and by grace to give a modest, modest compensation. For what then did the poor people want to pay the propaganda for their reinstatement?