The confirmation cake

- Yg. 1929, No. 13 -

The bakers, as Max and Moritz already knew, are pious people, and if the better bakers, the confectioners, are even more pious, this is probably in accordance with a God-given order. They are more pious in a finer sense: they know what they owe both to a more deeply-understood God and to a higher-ranking clientele; that it is not enough to stir the bread dough with loyalty and honesty; that the leaven of her piety has to enter much more directly into the work of her hands. Can you, therefore, think that God pleases a little more than a confirmation cake that does not have the meaningless circular form but the sensible form of a Bible? Can we think, at the same time, that our customers enjoy it more dearly than by sending such a delicious symbol to the festive house?

I have such a cake - how beautiful was the bright pigskin-sugary cover, with the ray of light and the flower on it - seen in the midst of the rising Stuttgart, in the heart of a people, who has always treated the affairs of the stomach and the faith with equal thoroughness used. Where in the world is the Confirmation Festival prepared with such love, celebrated with such care? Where are the Christian interests and the bourgeois values, the desires and the gifts of godparents, the vital letters and the pocket knives, the admonitions and the paperweights so meaningfully united? Where does the children, troubled by unfamiliar clothes, and the relatives who are fatigued on hard pews comfort such a cheerful prospect, where does such a sumptuously set table await them? Here the true spirit prevails, and no one can begrudge it the good if the word of God, which the pastor has so beautifully interpreted beforehand, is broken up into chocolate by the housewife and thus entered into the faithful.

1929, 13 Severus

Pietism is the attempt to enter into an exaggerated family relationship with the "dear God".

1924, 45 momos

There are such exemplary virtuous people that one gets involuntarily longing for a little vice at the sight of her.

1922, 48 momos