An exemplary family

- Yg. 1931, No. 10 -

I do not know what people always have to complain about the bad times, that's all exaggerated, know, they're just not satisfied with anything, for example, I know a certain family, that comes out very well, they live on the subsistence level and can put all the revenues that go beyond that on the high edge. Let me show you your exemplary budget.

So there are five heads: father, mother, a boy of 14, a girl of 7 and then a seedling of one and a half. You see, they live happily ever after in a two-room apartment; Kitchen is of course included; But there is no question of central heating and hot water supply and that kind of expensive stuff, the people are just old school. That's why they also live in an old apartment - after all, it is also a saving if you don't honor the penny, and there is space in the smallest hut ...

By the way, the people don't pay any taxes, including; In Germany only we have to pay taxes, and how! - always the same in the tens of thousands, but what the lower social classes are, they have it like God in France, and maybe he pays taxes?

Well, they deserve this privilege too, my dear acquaintances; because they are still from the old blow; For example, until six years ago the woman still bought a white petticoat, every year; but she has now given that up; What the folks wear are few, but goodies: cotton stockings the woman, flannel shirts the man and the boy, black cowhide boots all together. Solid, but good. The boots are soled twice a year, only those of the old and the two older children understand themselves; eight times shoe soles for five people - that's enough.

What else should I tell you? Yes, these simple, exemplary people do not eat fruit, salad and the like; They don't throw money out the window for sports, and there is no tobacco or beer. As far as education is concerned, they can get by on four cinema tickets and four reclamation books a month; is also plentiful enough, what should such people do with literature, for example! Twice a year one of the five is allowed to have his hair cut, of course the others always wear a bit of wild wigs until it's their turn; But that keeps you warm, protects your brain and saves you from having to wear a hat, at least in summer, don't you think so? The father has himself shaved eight times a month, almost twice a week, so in this way too he contributes to the cheaper household. In short, they are exemplary citizens, if only everyone who always complains about the haves would follow them. We need simplicity and modesty, we need, take another Brazil, yes? and a Hennessy, here you go!

What do you say Isn't there, my family? But as crazy, I can whisper to you: there are! Know what the real cost of living index is? This is the official calculation of the average subsistence level. And the family I told you about is the one that our index is calculated on. The budget items that I told you about from my acquaintances come from the budget of the official index family. What is official is true; and if it is officially calculated that the normal family lives like this, then you shouldn't want to know any better. Maybe more: take a sample, and another cognac.

1931, 10 Mara Bu