Experience in Zschrimbaro

Mufti goes with his dog Caro
through the beautiful city park of Zschrimbaro.
(This is a place in the Zschrimbu country,
which he just invented himself.)

Both are walking through tree-lined streets
between trees, flowers and cactuses
and enjoy what by magic call
colorful Mufti's spirit created.

You go under huge
Violet trees, primroses, mammoth roses;
and the humanity around speaks perfect
her gentle Zschrimbi dialect.

Oh, how nice to live in a world
to give oneself the existence!
Everything that I see gladly,
comes from my own idea.

Says Mufti. But with bleaching
he suddenly sees a protector sneaking over;
and he groans: I didn't think of it!
Who brought this creature here?

That, grim-faced, stern, sent
a keen sharp eye and turns
Officially in Muftis direction and
hangs on Caro, his dog.

"This dog," he says, "is without a leash;
besides, I see, he has none
Tax stamp! They accompany me
therefore to the police station! "

At the watch, at the investigation
this case for the purpose of criminal liability,
moreover, the policeman finds
that Mr. Bufti is not registered.

That's why you lock in the town of Zschrimbaro
Mufti Prison with Caro;
this nest invented by himself
keep him in a tight cell now.

Mufti has enough of this area;
sweeping over it with the spirit of the broom
he deletes the city and the country along with the police
flies away - and sees himself free again.

1928, 27 Mufti Bufti