Mrs. Momm

- Yg. 1930, No. 12 -

Her husband is in Potsdam, President of the Government,
Judicial Council is her brother Schwager,
her son-in-law is Ministerialdezernent
from mighty feudal camp.
As you can see, the good woman Momm belongs
to the very best circles.
The lady is also colossally devout,
so it's not hard to prove
that she did that with the silverware in question
not made for common motives,
but because they are nervous, overwrought and insane ...
A prosecution is out of the question.

Class justice? But allow me!
The lady is ill and belongs to the hospital.
And because her case does not lack tragedy,
she is worthy of our highest compassion.

And then there's the case of Marie Schmidt,
which is not that interesting
because a simple maid with
so noble people are not related.
On the contrary, this woman person
belongs to the lower layers.
She earns thirty marks a month,
and you do not make long stories with her.
In her case it simply means: she stole!
And it says Kittchen in the German Reich.
For poor and for rich, that does not matter
because we are all the same before the law.

Class justice? But allow me!
Such a person! That's a scandal.
Sure, that's where the Kittchen heard
such a is worth our deepest contempt.

1930, 12 Tyll