Editorial 1920

Small chronicle to put the editorials in the historical context

January 10: The Treaty of Versailles comes into force.

13th January: Bloodbath in front of the Reichstag, In protests against the passing of the councils Act be in front of the Berliner Reichstag building 42 security forces shot and 105 wounded.

February 4: A regulation of Versailles Treaty the German authorities subsequently leave it Hultschiner Landchen, It falls to the Czechoslovakia, although an overwhelming majority of the population wants to stay with the German Reich according to a survey.

February 4: That councils Act is enacted. This means that companies with a size of XNUMX or more have the obligation to councils to choose.

February 10: In the first part of the Popular vote in Schleswig stimmt North Schleswig The majority of the population for unification with Denmark.

February 24: The NSDAP is by renaming the German Labor Party (DAP) in Hofbräuhaus Munich founded.

March 12: Mutinous march late in the evening and at night Reichswehr-Office with your people to Berlin. The deposed general Walther von Luettwitz controls the operation that starts the Kapp Putsch forms.

13. March: Arthur Mahraun founds the Young German Order and is elected chairman (grand master).

13th-17th March: Coup of the general landscape director Wolfgang Kapwho with his “Ehrhardt Brigade", A former Freikorps, and some troops of the Reichswehr Berlin is occupied and the government is forced to flee.

March 15: Im German Reich takes place in response to the Kapp Putsch the biggest so far General strike instead of. 12 million people respond to calls from various organizations and parties. It breaks in the west Ruhr uprising Train.

April 1: The State Treaty establishing the Reichseisenbahnen (later German Reichsbahn) comes into force under the sovereignty of the German Empire.

April 2: Units of the Reichswehr march in the Ruhr area to the communist Ruhr uprising knock down who in response to the Kapp Putsch has broken out.

May 1: Creation of the country Thuringia

May 9: Forstrat George Escherich founds the "Organization Escherich" ("Orgesch").

First advertising posters of the NSDAP in Munich. Call for a public party meeting on May 11, 1920. Speaker: Adolf Hitler

June 4: Signature of Trianon Peace Treaty.6. June: First Reichstag elections: Weimar coalition loses its majority. Strong gains for USPD and right-wing parties (DNVP, DVP).

June 15: North Schleswig will be the result of the Popular votes in Schleswig Danish in the northern voting zone on February 10 of the year.

July 1: The unification of the Free State of Coburg, Part of the former double duchy Saxony-Coburg and Gotha, with the Free State of Bavaria.

July 20: The German government decides with regard to the Polish-Soviet war a weaponsembargo thereby underscoring their declaration of neutrality for this conflict.

August 5: The German Reichstag the majority decides that Disarmament Act and thereby follows an obligation under Article 177 of the Versailles Treaty.

October 1: That Greater Berlin Act comes into force and does Berlin to a city of four million.