My program

- 1. Jg. 1920, No. 1 -

The poor German people have been drawn into an unfortunate war by the narrow-mindedness and light-heartedness of a government that was alien to their experience and suffering. During this war, a politically incompetent, ruthless military caste seized power and dismissed the multiple opportunities for a reasonable liquidation of the war. Then the old adage "arrogance comes before the fall" came true. The military defeat, however, would not have easily become a political one if the misfortune of Ludendorff had not led to a premature and headless ceasefire. He pressed the seal on the complete breakdown. The old political and military powers have disappeared from him. The revolution swept away emperors and kings, generals and ministers and fulfilled the German Republic, the centenary dream of the patriots. But it was a bad legacy to take on. The guilty heads had been chased away; but the consequences of the past were not eliminated. We have to strangle with these bitter consequences now, and we don't yet know whether we will suffocate at the dawn of this coming difficult year [1920].

Whether we will get out of misery again depends on two things. First of the dubious benevolence of the hitherto hostile governments in more than one relationship. It would be bad if we wanted to rely too much on it or even leave it alone, like Austria. And the less it will be necessary the more we ourselves find the strength to rouse ourselves. In other words, the more resolute, more resigned, the more earnestly we unite ourselves for common, planned work in the service of the German fatherland.

Unfortunately, such a union, a victorious awakening of the solidarityThought (I understand this also under socialism and socialization) so far in Germany not much to notice. Neither political nor economic nor social. The Association of German States to Although Germany is increasingly seen as a national and economic necessity, willingness to do so through sloth and self-indulgence has not yet become master. The old parties are resurrected with new company signs and bicker at the same words (because it does not come to action) and with the same disgusting methods as before. The integration of economic groups and their classification into a well-functioning whole organism is widely recognized as desirable and reasonable; but industry still stands against trade, city against country, consumer against producer; and economic egoism celebrates hellish triumphs. The working group between employee and employer, the peace between the classes and classes, is preached tirelessly; but all the sermons have not yet been able to fill the deep chasm of alienation and malevolence, which has been fixed by age. We live the letter in a social and democratic republic; but the spirit of socialism and the Democracythat means respect, understanding, benevolence and justice has not come to life.

This spirit will serve this newspaper. It will advocate the equal rights of all national comrades, regardless of their profession or profession, and for the law of the general public, which is ranked above individual or group interests; she will fight against prejudice and selfishness, against all injustice and the hereditary evil of the Germans: the fragmentation. The German unitary state, the Cooperative economy and the preservation of human dignity are their three guiding stars for politics, economy and social order. It will be national and social. But just as it will stand up for peace and mutual understanding within the people - that is, "social" - so it will also stand up in the outer Politics not nationalistic and confused nationally. The peoples and nations are also destined for fellowship and not for mutual mutilation. They should and will learn to recognize and understand each other. The people do not hate each other; despite all the poisonous seeds that have been spread by false leaders and their press and are now being scattered again. This hounding should find no echo here.

It may be daring to start a newspaper at this time and under such motto. Be daring! If there is no reverberation, it will be all the worse - not for me as well as for the community.

1920, 1 · Erich Schairer