Revolutions in Germany

The term "German Revolution" usually refers to the failed bourgeois revolution of 1848 / 49, an indication of who writes history with us and that this is first about the history of the citizens. There was also a revolution of the workers, prepared by the German Social Democracy, which in the Empire was still a revolutionary party that had been banned for many years. Sebastian Haffner writes in his book about the revolution 1918 / 19 of the SPD as a murderer who kills her own laboriously reared child, the own basis. Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and many thousands of people died without their murderers being brought to justice. At that time, the SPD lost even more voters than according to the Hartz IV laws.

Thus, in the years following 1918 / 19, there was a split in the German labor movement, without which Hitler and the NSDAP would probably never have come to power. This split is not overcome until today, so deep sits the sting on both sides.

Michael Zachcial

The website wants to trace the history of the revolutions in Germany, over source texts, songs, leaflets, places, biographies.