It will be like that

[A fiction]

WT B, : Berlin, 21. March 1931, 7 clock. This morning 1 / 2 5 PM, Polish volunteers east of Schlochau have crossed the German-Polish border. The Reich Cabinet is immediately under the chairmanship of the Reichswehr Minister Gessler met for a meeting and declared war for the whole of Germany.

Extra sheet of the "Temps": Paris, 21. March 1931, 7 clock MEZ As Havas reports from Warsaw, a German aviation squadron dropped bombs earlier this morning against 1 / 2 4 clock over various Polish villages, which were in the deepest peace, and flew on in the direction of Warsaw. The Polish government then sent the passports to the German ambassador and ordered the mobilization.

Berliner Lokalanzeiger: As we have just learned (1 / 2 8 o'clock), the Cabinet declared war on Poland and ordered it to re-establish universal conscription in the Reich. We consider the latter measure completely superfluous, since we are fully convinced that all Germans, regardless of rank or denomination, will follow the call of the long-awaited moment and take off for the holy war against the predatory pack of Poland.

Daily review: Berlin, 22. March. We are informed by a special page, which is close to the Foreign Office: Since then Poland last year Ostlocarnopakt Our relations with this barbarous people were very tense. So far, the patience and the will of peace of our government have been able to prevent the outbreak of an open conflict, but whether it will succeed this time, after the Polish army invaded Germany in the deepest peace for no reason, is in God's hands. The news of a declaration of war and the introduction of general conscription is still a bit premature, but we do not intend to declare that we are ever more inclined to welcome these measures. Because the Polish Corridor must now finally be smoked out. And we have never raised any doubts about our attitude: we are national to the bone. - As Mr. Oberhofprediger Dr. D. Döhring, whose war evenings will be remembered in the World War, kindly informs, he will be in the pleasance to hold a field service. We do not doubt that all of Berlin will draw comfort and strength from his words for the coming difficult days. God bless our German Fatherland in this fateful hour!

WTB: Berlin, 22. March, 11.50 clock. Has just become Prince William of Prussia, the eldest son of the Crown Prince, as a volunteer at the 1. Gardekürassierregiment reported. - SM Kaiser Wilhelm held a house service in Doorn and bowed down the blessing of God on German arms.

Dr. Wirth im "Berliner Tageblatt": Deeply shaken, every good European stands before the ruins of his work. People work! And now God has spoken. Once again, Europe must go through blood before building the temple of humanity in unity and brotherhood. But this view from a higher point of view must not keep us from the confession: We are innocent. Yes, we are innocent. And the blood of all your sons, German Republic, come over the transgressors on the other side of the Vistula! The young state, to which we are attached in the innermost heart, now has its baptism of fire. Into the fight, German Republic!

Forward: Berlin, 23. March. So far, since the Foreign Office was very silent, we have abstained from any comments and have only brought the official news: the outrageous assault of Polish bandits, the declaration of war against Germany by Poland, the German mobilization, the declaration of war by France against Germany (the one with the false report , German planes had dropped bombs over Polish villages, was justified) and the first glorious victory of German weapons at Schneidemühl. But now, after our former President, Field Marshal v. Hindenburg has hurried from Hanover to Berlin (entirely on his own initiative, and not, as deluded Communists claim, on the instructions of Herr von Tirpitz) and in deeply moved words has called for unity and trust in God, we call upon you, German worker: Go to fight for your homeland, for human dignity and socialism! But the Communists may see at the next election where they are going with their treasonous propaganda.

The Sunday newspaper: World War II, Ruhrkampf - and now the dizziness starts for the third time. Anyone who has not yet believed that people are stupid and incorrigible, now knows for sure. Germany is racing with enthusiasm again, people swallow lies as big as a fist like heavenly truth, and in all countries people run to churches to ask the Lord God to gas as many of their brothers as possible. According to certain news, God the Father has decided to hand over the responsibility for individual pastoral care to his son, as he himself is sufficiently busy with blessing aircraft bombs and grenades. Such a disgusting one. . . (The rest of the content has been removed by the censors.)

1927, 38 Hans Lutz