- Yg. 1929, No. 42 -

It has become autumn. The year is coming to an end. You start to look back again. A beginning that in any case becomes more appealing when comparing the events with those predicted for this year. In other words, when one searches through one of the "proven" astrological calendars, flips through and determines what has now arrived from the professions.

Everything - O you skeptics, do not doubt! - everything has arrived. Did not Mars bring "disputes, worries, explosions, fires" on this earth this year? "New in the field of technology and science, murders, suicides, confusion in political affairs, tense international relations, but also relaxation, fatal events, mine gap, many marriages in high circles, important debates in parliaments, financial fluctuations in the stock market, accidents in the railway traffic, even with automobiles. "And even more precise information was correct, things that nobody had thought of, such as" snowstorms in January "(where, whether in Germany or Alaska, is not specified).

If one searches these hundreds of pages of children's wisdom - it is the "professional calendar for the year 1929" of the "leading astrologer" AM Grimm - for the prediction of events that not every schoolboy can know beforehand, then you will find among thousands of obvious things anyway one or two specific details. Very nice to see how the political desires are the fathers of profane ideas in the Sterndeutern. There are z. For example, the stars are visibly dissatisfied with Bolshevism: in the pro-claims about the "fate of the individual countries," Soviet Russia states:

"The friends and helpers of Czarism emerge, preparing for the overthrow". You do not notice it, but the capitalist stars must know it. The fact that the stars are also opponents of pacifism was revealed a year ago to the official organ of the "German Association of Astrologers": "the famous Kellogg Pact," it was said, "we will have to profiteze a violent and early end".

Of course, the most important thing in the cosmic-astrological calendar is in the back: the prospectus on astrological works, in which the author praises his variously nuanced horoscopes, fate-curve calculations, and interpretations of nativities in a long price list going from 1000 to 10 Mark. Do not worry! The naivete of humankind cultivated by all miracle-believing churches and denominations also nourishes such prophets. Nothing can happen to them, even if there are nervous breakdowns among their victims: the courts approve of their "good faith".

1929, 42 Ehrmann