At the age of 78, my uncle Abraham Gumbel, known to the readers of this newspaper as "Emel", went gently into Heilbronn to the country from which there is no return. He was born in the village of Stein am Kocher, where our ancestors had been based for over 200 years, buried in Heilbronn. With him, one of the few independently thinking, free people who our supposed "land of poets and thinkers" has to show died. >> read more

The decay of political customs has produced in recent years in Germany a mass phenomenon that was previously completely unknown: political murder. In the three years 1919 to 1921, 378 murders of Right and 20 of links have occurred. In this way, almost all the leaders of the extreme left have been eliminated by unlawful actions, but not a single right-wing leader has been killed. >> read more