Take the available amount of social-democratic longing for government and mix it up profusely with the power of German people's party and great industrial power (with a dose of cunning clever use as a binder), pour a few drops of democratic oil over it, and leave it overnight. >> read more

Father (takes the newspaper in his hand): “This Saukorps, the Polackes, a cheeky gang, well, they'll be lit up once in a while, oh, Pestalozzi, they've celebrated enough now, I don't know, that is now just a fashion, before you didn't know anything about him and we got through school anyway ... >> read more

This morning 1 / 2 5 PM, Polish volunteers east of Schlochau have crossed the German-Polish border. The Reich Cabinet met immediately under the chairmanship of Reichswehr Minister Gessler for a meeting and declared war for all of Germany. >> read more