The Hohenzollern, who are known to be in very bad shape, are in litigation to extract an annual pension from 1 1 / 2 million from the German Republic. They believe that they have a legitimate claim that the people they have ridden into the ink are tampering with it. So that they can live according to their standard. "In accordance with the standards", ie, as it suits them, but above all without having to bring in the daily bread by the degrading means of labor. >> read more

Herr von Hindenburg, who has hitherto received and made visits only, has become active: he rules. He has made his first official act: he has repealed the ordinance, which had curtailed the former officers of William the right to wear the uniform. >> read more

Removing soda water from handkerchiefs does not always work. Try the following remedy: a gallon of water, half a pound of soft soap, and three kilos of soda are cooked into a thin porridge ... >> read more

Many have a finely pointed, striking, igniting aforism behind their foreheads. On the way to the tongue becomes a cumbersome and boring essay out of it. He writes it down - and there is a thick tome, flat, shallow, from front to back only watery broth. >> read more