- Jg. 1930, No. 12 - Your husband is in Potsdam Regierungspräsident, Judicial Council is her Mr. Schwager, her son-in-law >> read more

... the manifold wanderings of the divine Dulders Hindenburg. Not of the living, but of the iron, which was set up in the great time on the today's "place of the republic" in Berlin. >> read more

Have you already seen the calf with the two heads? Or the Negro at the fair eating live rats? Or the spiky lady who shows up at Nuremberg Castle and whose virginity is indestructible because of iron? >> read more

Humor is when you laugh anyway, says Wilhelm Busch. This most mature form of world-view is based on mild resignation, skepticism, and profound insight into the inadequacy and questionableness of all that is human, that is, superior wisdom. >> read more

The gentlemen in tails and starched chest, straightened, ironed and self-confident, in the buttonhole the chrysanthemum. The ladies in >> read more

Emilie, hand me the hurricane-bag and the Christmas tree decoration on the bib! Today the dregs of German man-blooms gather. >> read more

Can God please a little more than a confirmation cake, which does not have the meaningless circular form, but the sensible form of a Bible? >> read more