If I go with a burning pipe over the hayloft of my own scouring, some embers fall out, the scouring burns off, - what do you think, what happens to me, although perhaps not even someone else has come to harm except myself?

If, as an employee of Meier, I give fifty marks to a poor traveler who takes me out of the fund entrusted to me-the amount the boss takes out every night to make him jubilant-do you think they will let me do that? >> read more

... red writing on a white background: "Do not believe the dizziness!" This poster would have four weeks before the election Sunday to stick to every placard, every fence and every barn door in Germany and be renewed weekly on Saturday night from Saturday to Sunday. >> read more

Somewhere in Hanover one has recently encountered a very rich source of crude oil. An event for all of Germany, one could have thought. General joy. Lectures in schools, film screenings, newspaper articles: "A new treasure", "enrichment of national assets" and the like ... >> read more

A spectacle for gods: the evangelical people complains about their church taxes. In the past, when this godless separation of church and state was not yet enshrined in the constitution, it cost almost nothing to be a Protestant Christian. >> read more

... the churches are not on the side of the weary and laden: they are not people's, but princely churches. That's why they did not protest when the old people, the wards and the small savers were expropriated by inflation. >> read more

Bowling has always been a national German affair. But while it used to be recklessly treated simply as a pleasure for the Saturday night or Sunday afternoon, today it is "physical exercise," publicly recognized "sport," and thank goodness is well organized. >> read more