- Yg. 1927, No. 10 -

The Democratic Party wants to apply in the Reichstag for future German citizenship to be granted to all Germans.

So far, the concept of the German citizen in the sense of state law does not yet exist. There are - look only in your passport under "nationality" after - Prussian, Wiirttemberg, Oldenburg, lip-detmoldische and fourteen other such citizens, but no German. If a foreigner wants to immigrate to us, he will have to choose one of the 18 countries, for better or for worse. The funny thing is that all the other 17s have to agree. So he can z. For example, if he lives in Braunschweig, he will not become a Brunswick citizen, if Bavaria or Baden have something against it.

The German Reichstag can not be trusted at the moment. But he will not let that old braid down! Can anyone in Germany, with the exception of a few true Bavarians, balk at the fact that he will be referred to in his papers as a German in the future?

So we may assume that this move to the "united state" will soon be ventured into the future; and that also Mr. Petersen of Hamburg and Mr. Braun of Prussia join in, who both want to be "unitarians", but who strongly forbid the interference of a "third party", namely the German Reich, in their border disputes.

Will the diplomatic representations of the German states be abolished together? The Prussian Minister in Munich? The Bavarian ambassador in Berlin, the Bavarian "consul" in Stuttgart (distance Stuttgart-Munich: 1½ hours)? The Württemberg, the Saxon ambassador in Berlin, etc.? In Berlin there are after the "Gotha" 28 "diplomats" of the German lands, alone ten of them in the Saxon legation (distance Dresden-Berlin: 1½ hours.)

And will then come the time when Saxon banknotes in Württemberg, or Baden in Saxony at a post office counter or at a tax office be taken in payment? So far, such "foreign" money is rejected, even though it is recognized by the Reichsgesetz and as good as the Reichsbank notes.

It would be even simpler in the end, the country tickets (there are Baden, Württemberg, Bavarian and Saxon) completely abolish.

1927, 10 Rauschenchnabel