Negotiations of the Reichstag

The stenographic reports on the negotiations of the North German Confederation, the Customs Parliament and the Reichstag are available in printed form continuously from 1867 to 1942 in 527 volumes. They represent one of the most important sources of recent German history, which, however, was difficult to access due to irregular and scattered registers and, moreover, was completely absent from any library.

Since 1997 the DFG has supported the digitization of shorthand reports as part of the “Retrospective Digitization of Library Holdings” program. In the second approval period, 1918 volumes (1942 pages) were digitized for the period from 148 to 122.580 and made available on the Internet. For the first time, the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek is offering a complete edition of the Reichstag reports (including all attachments).

In order to improve the evaluation possibilities of the source compared to the printed version, the factual and speech registers were recorded in full text. In addition, a database of members of the Reichstag was created from the digitized biographical manuals, which are recorded in full text, which offers further access to source material.

The digitized protocols can be found here: