Weimar Republic

As a Weimar Republic (contemporary too German Republic) is the section of German history from 1918 to 1933, in which the first one parliamentary democracy existed in Germany. This era began with the Proclamation of the republic am 9. November 1918 and ended with the Nazi seizure of power as a result of the appointment Adolf Hitler to Chancellor on the 30. January 1933.

The Weimar Republic emerged in the course of the November revolution, This name is the first one of national Level realized German Republic is at the first venue of the Constituent National Assembly, the town Weimar, due. The state name Deutsches Reich was kept.

After first the Council of People's Deputies the governance was exercised by resolution of the Councilors Congress on the 19. January 1919 the Election to the German National Assembly held. On the 11. February elected the National Assembly Friedrich Ebert to Reich Presidentwho on 13. February the Cabinet Scheidemann appointed. The Weimar Reich Constitution joined the 14. August 1919 in force. It constituted the German Reich as federal republic.

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