- Yg. 1930, No. 49 -

"Professor Pötzl in Vienna has managed to put people into artificial hibernation." (Newspaper report)

“Alma,” I said to my wife, “how about you knock that new dress out of your mind? We get away much cheaper if we let ourselves be pecked. "

"What if the Third Reich breaks out in the meantime?" She asked, because she is strictly ethnic.

“That's why!” I said. “Shall we work hard to stay afloat or ice in this Jewish republic until the big morning comes? We can have that much more pleasant: we go to sleep, and when we wake up again, it's spring, the sun is shining, the swastikas are shining on all the church towers, and the Jews and other traitors of the homeland or racial traitors hang on the country roads, tree after tree. How happy we will be, my heart, when the German Lenz laughs at us like that! "

“And you're on dry land,” Alma shouted. “How are you going to get a job in the Third Reich if you haven't been there from the start? Now you have prospects; You know that the porter promised you that he would put in a good word for you with his nephew, the high school student, so that he would ask his girl, her bridegroom, the head of the Liberation Division of Upper Bavaria, to do something for you. On the morning after the overthrow you can become a court philosopher with Hitler himself, if you start it skillfully. "

“Alma,” I said, “the job won't run away from me. I'm good friends with Herr Krotoschiner, the leader of the Treuenbrietzen Storm Squadron, he'll throw the matter up. You can rely on him, what he tackles, it becomes something. One must always stick to the Jews if one is to be sure of one's cause; what they pick up is fine. Krotoschiner will throw it all. What do you think of that? "

"Done!" Said Alma, and we ordered Professor Pötzl.

He sent one of his co-workers to pay us in advance, set up a rotating swastika in front of us, and mumbled a monotonous chant, half of which came from Muspilli and half from Kabbalah, incessantly beating the swastika and making priestly bows the direction to Walhall. We stared for half an hour into the revolving swastika and let down the Aryan Geseires of the Einschläferer into us like German wine then we had fallen asleep.

And so we are now in peaceful hibernation, need neither bread nor money, neither light nor coal nor gas, and dream with blissful smiles around our German lips towards the morning of liberation, when it rushes through all the tabloids, echoes through all the streets is: "Germany awake, Judah mad!" Wotan did that!

1930, 49 Mara Bu

The symbol tie. There are also swastika ties, in case you didn't know. Advertisements in the "Völkischer Beobachter" announce: "Only buy quality ties with a finely woven symbol from a purely National Socialist company ..." - The main symbol is probably that the worker with such a tie tightens his neck.

1932, 36