Brought to the track

- Yg. 1924, No. 51 -

On the 19. September 1902 had Wilhelm II build a memorial on the Grimnitzer Heide, which announced that he is here the 200. Deer "brought to the track" have. 

In the year 1900, in the street workers' strike in Berlin, Wilhelm II sent a telegram to the command of the Guards Corps, saying: "I expect that at least 300 people will intervene when the troops intervene brought to the track become." 

On the 16. August 1888 he had in Frankfurt a. Or at a monument inauguration said he would "prefer our entire 18 Army Corps and 42 million Germans on the route "as a single stone from what his father and Prince Friedrich Karl (1870) had achieved. 

November 1918 has traveled the great hunter man to Holland. On the track were 50 Army Corps: 2 million Germans.