The shameless

- Yg. 1930, No. 47 -

In Simplicissimus recently there was the biting anecdote about the privy councilor who, when asked, claims that he is doing badly. "But why bad, Herr Privy Councilor?" Asks the other, and the angry answer is: "For fundamental considerations, my dear."

The punch line won't exactly fit the technicians of the German emergency community, because it reveals to those who shouldn't know yet the disgusting cuddle that is now being made around the coming “emergency winter”. If the lower classes tighten their belts, one regularly begins a patriotic Geseires higher up. The people who are still doing relatively well believe, even if they also complained, that the proletariat bore their lot more easily, and they certainly consider it an ethically valuable and patriotically praiseworthy act if their lament is resounded for "fundamental considerations", while the other's stomach growls.

In no other country would this splendid way of bridging the differences be possible. No proletarian in the world will believe in an emergency community if the well-off and well-secured middle class in patriotic cloaks ingratiate themselves with them in order to cursed the parade earners who are being used as buffer stops: the "retirement-mad" ministers and those who earn a lot Supervisory boards. It is simply hypocritical when certain circles pretend that, with few exceptions, everything in Germany is gnawing on the same starvation cloth.

People who are on exposed posts should at least not join the hype. What should one say about it when pastors speak from the pulpit today about the need through which “we” have to go when they pretend that they, the best cared for and secure, are also among the victims of the times? One can certainly offer the sheep-patient German people much, but certain signs indicate that one day they may have reached the extreme limit. I have repeatedly been told by old women who are easy to steer with God with general expressions, if they are only served in the right sauce - they have recently assured me several times how nice the pastor's sermon would have been if he hadn't always done it would have spoken so conspicuously of a common need. If the "most loyal of the loyal" listen carefully, you should quickly draw the necessary conclusions.

But the pastors are not the only ones who sometimes misjudge their tone. The air was gone the other day when, in court, a seated chairman told the blunt defendant in earnest that we were doing so all today is bad. I really do not want to offend a poor guy out there on the hopeless commission trip (whose whole risk he has taken) in dire need of his travel patterns and now advertise for understanding such a situation, I want to face such a person for anything in the world do not look like this judge.

Don't all of these people notice how bottomlessly sad their behavior is? They are lucky to have such a damn good-natured people to work with. Each individual should be assigned to the proletarian front for two years, to where it is worst. Perhaps afterwards they would not ingratiate themselves with the need with such shameless matter-of-factness as they do today.

1930, 47 m