I do not know what people always have to complain about the bad times, that's all exaggerated, know, they're just not satisfied with anything, for example, I know a certain family, that comes out very well, they live on the subsistence level and can put all the revenues that go beyond that on the high edge. Let me show you your exemplary budget. >> read more

A major role among the many inferiority and other complexes upon which the Volkish world view is built is concern about the stabilization of male sexual domination. The Christian German marriage is urgently close to the heart of the National Socialists, for in it the man has the book in his hand in every respect. >> read more

"Professor Pötzl in Vienna has managed to put people into artificial hibernation." (Newspaper report)

"Alma," I said to my wife, "how about you knock that new gown out of your mind? We get away a lot cheaper if we let ourselves be plodded. - "And if in the meantime the Third Reich breaks out?" >> read more

In an address to representatives of the upgrading organizations, Mr. von Hindenburg said, among other things: “By and large, I am far from this question ... I have lost my fortune myself. If I hadn't had my pension, which was sufficient, I would have had to go hungry too. " >> read more

Obeying a long felt need, I have decided to start a new party. To be sure that my demands in the Reichstag find correct and emphatic representation, I have set myself up as the top candidate of my Reichs- and all my individual lists. >> read more

Do you spit? - Why your great-grandfather? I think he's long dead? - Oh, you are a spiritualist! No, I do not mean that, but the other, with ck. The right spit, you know. Like a llama or a mason, in short, you see ... >> read more

Max Barth, born on 22. January 1896 in Waldkirch / Elztal. After secondary school attend the Karlsruhe teacher training seminary; Participation in >> read more